Can Rob Gronkowski pronounce Wisconsin city names? Watch this Kwik Trip video to find out.

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

, a former four-time Super Bowl-winning tight end for the New England Patriots, took a stab at pronouncing Wisconsin cities in .

The now-retired Gronkowski, , warned viewers in the video that "this is going to be brutal" before nailing the pronunciation of Oshkosh.

From there, it went downhill.

Gronk was thrown a particularly tricky one when asked to pronounce Oconomowoc. His response: "Ah-cahn-no-mah-wah-coe"

He was almost right when pronouncing Waukesha but got the letter E wrong: "Wauk-ee-sha" Gronkowski said. Common mistake.

He made a comeback when confidently pronouncing Chetek correctly. Then to finish up, Gronk was given the name of a city he had been far too familiar with: Green Bay.