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I was in Milwaukee visiting family recently and on the front page of the Sept. 27 issue was an article titled “I feel like I’m having to take a step back” in which the paper highlighted a University of Wisconsin-Madison graduate lamenting about having to pay back her student loan.

The article was laden with support for this student and others like her, but nowhere did it mention what she did with the money when she did not have to make payments over the last three years or anything about one’s responsibility to pay back loans, how to budget to make payments, how to look at refinancing the loan and numerous other “adult” actions to honor commitments.

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Why should the taxpayers of our country have to pay off someone else’s debt? What does the paper propose to do for those that have already paid off their loans?

It is these type of “woke” articles in media outlets along with left leaning politicians that are helping to weaken and divide society rather than strengthen and unite it.

Brian Binash, Houston, TX

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