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A columnist finally writes about how a legislative map can be redrawn and doesn’t just tell us that our current maps are rigged (“Want fair elections? Use artificial intelligence” Oct. 1).

The words “artificial intelligence” in the headline may scare some people and is misleading. The focus of the article is not on AI, but on algorithms. An algorithm is a set of directions for doing a task. The direction steps are to be done in a certain order. For the task of getting dressed, putting on socks is a step before putting on shoes.

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A computer would be given directions/algorithms for redistricting. This would be using the power of the computer to follow instructions and objectively carry out the work assigned by humans. Data from the 2020 Census would be input along with recent voting patterns and other information including geographic/map boundaries. The computer would find the best options, among the many possibilities, of how the voting districts could be drawn.

I am for using this computer power to produce what many of us want — fair maps for our elections.

Sharon Kubes, Milwaukee 

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